Galaxy offers a wide range of marketing services. 

All of our services are mix-and-match. For example, if you are interested in our brand guide but you already have a logo, that's no problem. At Galaxy, there's no such thing as an out-of-box solution - we get to know your every need so that we can tailor our services specifically for you.

Brand Guide: Starter Kit

A visual guide for your logo, colour palettes, tone of voice, typography, and other designs.

Start-Up Friendly

Marketing Plans

A comprehensive marketing plan that includes objectives, strategies, budgets, and timelines.

Website Creation

We create, develop, and manage beautiful websites that are easy to use.

Workflow Optimization

We funnel leads, enhance communication,  consolidate data, and lean out your processes.

Social Media Campaigns

We help create and manage your social media accounts with rich content and CRM.

Advertising Campaigns

We run successful ad campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and more.


We take product pictures, service pictures, event pictures, headshots, portraits, and more.


We create videos for websites, social posts, and blog posts. Stock or proprietary, your choice.

Data Collection

We collect customer data, employee data, and thousands of other marketing variables for clients.

Design Services

Apparel mockups, product mockups, business cards, company documents, and more.