Marketing plans define the actions needed to reach specific goals.

They give you a snapshot of the present and allow you to peer into the future. Ensuring every decision you make is both strategic and methodical.

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Galaxy marketing plans include..

Market Research

Market research explores questions that are essential for your organization to understand.

This includes economic, demographic, social, technological, and regulatory trends that may impact your organization. 

As well as analyses that reveal and refine the plan, like: industry analysis, competitor analysis, consumer analysis, and brand analysis.


One sneaker brand represents the achievements of champion athletes, while another represents the desire for environment sustainability. In both cases, customer loyalty and engagement far surpasses the average footwear brand.

That is because brand positioning is as important as product quality. 

Consumers prefer products and services that have meaning - what does your brand stand for?

Target Market Profile

Whatever type of organization you manage, there are certain individuals who are more likely than the average person to convert into a donor, customer, member, etc.

Your marketing is most efficient when it is designed to reach that target audience - and no forum is more effective at targeting than the internet. 

Galaxy develops a profile of your organizations most promising potential clients, which then informs the rest of the marketing plan.


No plan is worthwhile without a concrete statement of targets expressed in terms of sales, clicks, shares or other quantitative metrics. Galaxy works with your organization to identify short and intermediate term objectives - and provide the tools to measure your performance against them.


How should your marketing mix be designed to satisfy your target market’s desires? Galaxy’s approach considers the pillars of marketing – Product, Price, Place and Promotion – within the context of the digital age.


Galaxy will define the programs to be implemented along with costs, timing and personnel responsible for implementation.

Communication Plan

Once you are confident that you have the right scale and strategy to match your objectives, it is time to decide how your brand’s attributes will be communicated to consumers.


Galaxy considers advertising, promotions, public relations, CRM and other factors to design modern, effective communications plans.

Media Plan

Before investing in media, we consider what medium best suits the strategy being employed. Our media plans consider target market profiles, geographic priorities, timing, reach, frequency, continuity and other factors in the context of the message our clients wish to communicate.

Budgets and Finances

What will be the total cost of your marketing strategy, and what targets must be met to achieve a worthwhile return on investment?


Galaxy will incorporate scheduled measurements and evaluations of performance into your marketing plan. Evaluations provide an opportunity to consider the effectiveness of each element of the marketing plan. We have the agility to fine-tune marketing plans as circumstances change.

And much more...


Organizations that create documented marketing plans are 313% more likely to report success.