Leading organizations in every field have strongly defined and consistent brand identities.

That means the tone of voice, style, typography and colours used in every product and communication are chosen from a strictly predefined menu.

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Why? Because perceptions of reliability increase when a brand's appearance is consistent.

With consistency, every appearance - whether on a bus shelter or a business card - builds brand recognition and value. If your brand image lacks consistency, this effect is lost.


Galaxy brand guides can easily be picked up and followed by new employees and service providers.

Ensuring there will be no disruptions to brand integrity as your organization grows. 


But it doesn't stop there.

Logo Representation

Tone of Voice


Other Designs

3.2 Brand Guide - Logo (Outdoor Sign) -
6.1 Branding Guide - Tone of Voice (Core
5.0 Brand Guide - Typography.jpg
7.1 Brand Guide - Other Designs (Busines